Grecya Moran, according to ABC7News, was verbally attacked by a White woman who sounded drunk and clearly loves Donald Trump.

Add Desiigner to the growing list of people who are not feeling Kanye.

Over the weekend Nicki Minaj had some things to say to Travis Scott and several others on Twitter.

Mo'Nique dragged Oprah, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry during a stand-up routine.

After the series of bizarre rants that Kanye West went on live during his Life of Pablo Tour, he was rushed to the hospital suddenly over a week ago. Kanye has had his battles with his mental state; his paranoia and erratic behavior have been on display to the world many times before. Sign Up […]

Everybody is talking about the series of rants that Kanye West went on live during his Life of Pablo Tour, and how he called out Jay Z and Beyonce. But very few have opted to highlight the positive and encouraging things that he said to his crowd of fans. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Plus, […]

After being seen on tour ranting erratically onstage a few times the last few months, both fans and loved ones close to Kanye West have expressed worry about his health and mental state. While the Kanye-West-is-crazy jokes are nothing new, we’re more inclined to crack them in times like these. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]

Gabrielle Union has been vocal throughout the entire election process, so it's no surprise that the actress let loose on social media.

Trick Daddy recently made some comments about black women that had social media up in arms. He recorded himself and went on a rant about how Latina and white women are posing stiff competition for black women, and that once they learn how to fry chicken, black women will be obsolete. Sign Up For Our […]

Once upon a time, Kanye West and Kid Kudi were thick as thieves. But due to some behind-the-scenes activity that the general public hasn’t been privy to, Ye & Kid Kudi haven’t been on good terms for years. Lately, their beef, however, had been a relatively silent one, until recently when Kid Kudi took to […]