Rapper Killer Mike's new plan to "strengthen the Black community" incentivizes marriage for young people with children born out of wedlock. The post Unpacking Killer Mike’s Latest Plan To ‘Strengthen The Black Community’ appeared first on NewsOne.

A Florida school district is under fire after it sent home permission slips for students to listen to a reading of "a book written by an African American author." The post Florida School Sends Home Permission Slip For First-Graders To Hear ‘Book Written By An African American’ appeared first on NewsOne.

Cait Corrain, who started fake accounts to post negative reviews about books written by competing authors who are also people of color, claims she's not racist and blames autism for her actions. The post White Author Caught ‘Review Bombing’ Books By People Of Color Claims She’s Not Racist, Blames Autism appeared first on NewsOne.

Black people see a racial double standard in reactions to raging Travis Kelce bumping and yelling at Coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl. The post Why Isn’t Anyone Calling Travis Kelce A ‘Thug’? Black People See Racial Double Standard To Raging At Coach appeared first on NewsOne.

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Presidential hopeful Nikki Haley claimed America was "never" a racist country during an interview on Fox News, reaching a new level of delusion, even for her. The post Op-Ed: Nikki Haley Has Reached A New Level Of Delusion By Claiming America Was ‘Never’ A Racist Country appeared first on NewsOne.

During an Iowa campaign speech, Donald Trump claimed the Civil War could have been avoided if Abraham Lincoln "negotiated" better. The post Donald Trump Claims The Civil War Could Have Been ‘Negotiated’ appeared first on NewsOne.

The recent marginal increase in Black Trump support has been disappointing, to say the least, and baffling considering Donald Trump has shown nothing but contempt for our leaders, our civil rights movements, our non-whitewashed history, our voting districts (Trump’s “stop the steal” nonsense would have largely affected predominately Black and Latino voting precincts), diversity in […] The post Op-Ed: Rhode Island Black Lives Matter Leader Says He Supports Donald Trump, Who Absolutely Hates BLM appeared first on NewsOne.

Conservatives are suing a program designed to combat the “obstetric racism” that researchers say cause a disproportionate number of Black women to die from childbirth. The post Op-Ed: Lawsuits Against Program Helping Black Women Survive Childbirth Reveals Pro-White Agenda appeared first on NewsOne.