Puerto Rico

Whether or not this will sway Puerto Ricans to vote against their interest remains to be seen but what we wouldn’t be surprised if this has the reverse effect and the good people of Puerto Rico dust off that "Guillotina" and march it right back to the capitol to make their voices heard.

From the very first day that he announced his candidacy for President of The United States, Donald Trump's blatant racism towards Latinos has been on full display. True to form the white-nationalist driven administration continues to treat the island of Puerto Rico (which is home to 3.7 million American citizens) as if they don't matter.

Puerto Rico is currently reeling after being hit with a 6.4 magnitude earthquake. At least one person is dead and several are injured after the earthquake and several strong aftershocks hit, officials said. The quake hit at 4:24 a.m. local time and was centered off of Puerto Rico’s southern coast. This is the second powerful earthquake […]

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey has decided to donate $2 million to Puerto Rico disaster relief efforts, Huffington Post reports.

Months after Hurricane Maria ripped through the island of Puerto Rico and left it with devastation and destruction that it may never fully recover from, a new heartbreaking trend has emerged—in the form of local suicides. https://twitter.com/splinter_news/status/980980153965862912 In an exclusive report from Splinter, in the months following Hurricane Maria, the number of suicides on the […]

He says his company, Akon Lighting Africa, could have restored power in Puerto Rico five months faster than the government.

Puerto Rico is still feeling the effects and devastation that was brought on by Hurricane Maria.

The after math of Hurricane Maria has left Puerto Rico in shambles.