money matters

Today in "Money Matters," our cash-saving queen Jini Thornton drops some gems on how to get the best price on everything from booking hotels to nabbing cheap fights when traveling.

After the recent surge in gas prices became a viral topic of discussion, we decide to invite Jini Thornton on the show for a special segment of "Money Matters" to give us all some tips on how to save money in other areas.

One of the biggest New Year resolutions for many is to finally resolve the issue of having bad credit, and our girl Jini Thornton came by the show for a special "Money Matters" report on ways to fix your credit for free in 2022.

Listen to Jini Thornton as she talks about identity theft and answering your money matters questions. 

Our financial advisor Jini Thornton discusses the dilemmas citizens are facing being forced to return to work but are making more money from unemployment checks during the pandemic.

Jini Thornton talks about what to do if you have not received your stimulus checks.

If you're having problems, check with your car insurance company because they are automatically offering discounts.  If you haven't noticed a change with your company, don't be afraid to ask questions. 

During this pandemic, there are options to options that can put you at sense and help you in the long run. Jini Thornton explains why entrepreneurs should take advantage of The Paycheck Protection Program. If you're a small business owner of any kind, there are programs available to help during the coronavirus crisis.