Former NBA all-star Stephon Marbury took to Twitter Tuesday to blast Michael Jordan over the NBA lockout negotiations. Marbury, who has been out of the NBA for two years and now plays in China, publicly predicted earlier in the year that the players would cave. But he was surprised to see a former player like […]

To no one’s surprise the current NBA lockout has gotten personal. With the owners and players in a deadlock over splitting revenues, opinions have been flying back and forth about who is in the wrong. Baller Stephon Marbury, who is now stacking Renminbi playing in China, has been very critical of the owners, namely Charlotte […]

You know greatness when you witness it. There is no true definition for it. It just is. There have been some great athletes that have achieved success in their respective sports. Then there are the those that qualify for G.O.A.T. status. These athletes emerge only once in a lifetime.  The ones whose gifts somehow come […]

There will never be a debate about who the greatest basketball players to ever play the game without it starting with Michael Jordan. Even people who never watched basketball will say Michael Jordan, because his greatness transcended his sport. Jordan’s on-court accomplishments are something to marvel at, but how used his talent to make himself […]

Micheal Jordan’s high school girlfriend, Laquette threatened to take legal action over stolen love letter that was auctioned off online. The letter of apology was written over 30 years ago by Michael Jordan during his advanced chemistry class.  MJ apologizes for making Laquette look “pretty Rotten” and how he is still getting use to dating […]

A love letter written by Michael Jordan as a teenager is circulating the web, and has the original recipient demanding answers. Laquette Robinson of Goldsboro, North Carolina received the letter from Jordan in 1980, and is now trying to figure out how someone obtained the intimate note and their prom picture. “More than anything, I […]

NEW YORK-Scottie Pippen said that LeBron James is the greatest all round player of all time while Michael Jordan is only the greatest scorer of all time on ESPN’s Mike And Mike In The Morning Radio Show: “Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to play the game,” Pippen said Friday on “Mike & Mike […]

After his Charlotte Bobcats got their butts whooped by the Chicago Bulls, NBA legend Michael Jordan had nothing but praise for third-year point guard Derrick Rose. “MVP of the season,” Jordan said about Rose after the Bulls’ 101-84 win. “He deserves it. He’s playing that well. He deserves it. Without a doubt.” Rose is currently […]

25.2 Average points per game Carmelo Anthony brings to the New York Knicks this season 22 number of assists (including a sick bounce pass alley-oop to Blake Griffin) John Wall tallied in the Rookie-Sophomore game on All Star Friday night (Feb 18). 7 consecutive seasons averaging 20 points a game for Carmelo Anthony, tying him […]

The Urban Daily would like to wish Micheal Jordan a Happy Birthday and commend him on having one of the most popular and timeless brands. MJ has retired and taken a step back from the spotlight but still has millions of people standing outside in cold temperatures waiting to buy a pair of Jordan sneakers. 25 Reasons […]