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To no one’s surprise the current NBA lockout has gotten personal. With the owners and players in a deadlock over splitting revenues, opinions have been flying back and forth about who is in the wrong. Baller Stephon Marbury, who is now stacking Renminbi playing in China, has been very critical of the owners, namely Charlotte Bobcats head honcho Michael Jordan.

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In a series of tweets Marbury has gone from saying the Hall of Famer turned owner has never been “down with the real” to straight up calling him a “sellout.”  Jordan was very vocal in his criticism of owners during the last lockout in 1998 when he was a player. Now that the $200 sneaker is on the other foot he has taken a hardline against the players.  Starbury isn’t feeling the flip-flop.

Is Stephon Marbury right to call out his Airness? Or is he mad because he’s playing H.O.R.S.E with Kung Fu Panda on The Great Wall?


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