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Micheal Jordan’s high school girlfriend, Laquette threatened to take legal action over stolen love letter that was auctioned off online. The letter of apology was written over 30 years ago by Michael Jordan during his advanced chemistry class.  MJ apologizes for making Laquette look “pretty Rotten” and how he is still getting use to dating a girl so much smaller than him. According to the sports auction house lelands, the letter sold for over $5,000. Lequette was in shock when she saw the letter on TV last week and wants Michael Jordan to know she would never betray him like that. She suspects the letter was stolen and sold by a family member.

Check out the photo of the original below!

My Dearest Laquette

How are you and your family doing, fine I hope. I am in my Adv. Chemistry class writing you a letter, so that tell you how much I care for you. I decide to write you because I felt that I made you look pretty rotten after the last night. I want to tell you that I am sorry, and hope that you except my apologie. I know that you feelings was hurt whenever I loss my necklace or had it stolen.

I was really happy when you gave me my honest coin money that I won off the bet. I want to thank you for letting me hold your annual. I show it to everyone at school. Everyone think you are a very pretty young lady and I had to agree because it is very true. Please don’t let this go to your head. (smile) I sorry to say that I can’t go to the game on my birthday because my father is taking the whole basketball team out to eat on my birthday. Please don’t be mad because I am trying get down there a week from Feb. 14. If I do get the chance to come please have some activity for us to do together.

I want you to know that my feeling for you has not change yet. ← (joke) I am finally getting use to going with a girl much smaller than I. I hope you my hint. Well I have spent my time very wisely by write to you. I hope you write back soon. Well I must go, the period is almost over. See you next time around, which I hope comes soon.

With my Best Love

Michael J. Jordan

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