kodak black

Social media is questioning if Monica and Kodak Black could possibly be an item because they have been spending a lot of time together!

Kodak, real name Bill Kahan Kapri, was one of four persons shot outside the venue on Saturday around 2:45 a.m., and he was rushed to the hospital where he is now listed in stable condition.

Is our main man Rickey about to submit his application to be Tiffany Haddish's new boyfriend now that the comedienne actress is ready to start dating again? Find out that and more in today's edition of "Gary's Tea."

Kodak Black has proven once again that you can be physically free but still be mentally enslaved. He made it clear that he is riding with his benefactor until the wheels fall off. As spotted on Hot New Hip Hop the Pompano Beach, Florida native is now out of prison and seems to be living his […]

Kodak Black has been a free man only a couple weeks and is already giving back to the people. He has promised to take care of some kids who lost their parents due to gun violence in his home state.

If all a man has is his word, Kodak Black isn't as rich as he thinks he is.

Early on Wednesday, Trump issued 73 pardons and 70 commutations, including Steve Bannon, Lil Wayne, Kodak Black and Kwame Kilpatrick.

Wayne posed for a photo with Trump ahead of the November election while Kodak has placed numerous petitions to Trump in order to secure an early release.