Ben Simmons is still putting his basketball career on the line after he’s been seen continuing his relationship with Kendall Jenner despite what appeared to be an earlier hiccup in their dating lives. Tinashe, Simmons ex, and the budding couple were all in the same club this past Thursday night (June 5) and the singer […]

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Ben Simmons has to decide if he’s taking his career seriously. The NBA star is reportedly dating Kendall Jenner. Considering the ramifications of dating a Kardashian led to the play and/or lives of Lamar Odom, Tristan Thompson and Kris Humphries…pray for Ben Simmons. Reports Page Six: Kendall Jenner is dating Philadelphia 76er Ben Simmons, multiple […]

Blake Griffin is being sued by his ex-fiancee and mother of his two children.

Kendall Jenner was recently spotted leaving a Hollywood club with NBA star Blake Griffin.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner continued in their tradition of cultural appropriation this week.

Diddy took an epic photo at the Met Ball.

Many people have decided to make Coke their beverage of choice this week following the epic fail of a Pepsi advertisement. Pepsi tried to leverage current political unrest to promote their carbonated drink. In the ad, Kendell Jenner decides to leave her glamorous gig of modeling blond wigs to join a protest erupting outside. Towards the […]

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The former First Lady has been natural for years, but it's rare (and important) to see her curls unpressed in all their God-given glory.

Pepsi was forced to pull its latest ad campaign featuring Kendall Jenner after it "missed the mark."

Social media users slammed a new protest ad from Pepsi featuring Kendall Jenner for offensively co-opting ideas and images from resistance movements such as Black Lives Matter Tuesday.