Jemele Hill

Remember when Jemele Hill was the target of conservatives and Donald Trump? Back in September, which feels like eons ago under the Trump administration, Hill called out Trump’s racism. The White House’s lyin’ press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called for her to be fired and Trump demanded an apology. Jemele Hill was eventually suspended by ESPN […]

ESPN anchor Jemele Hill has no regrets about calling President Donald Trump a “white supremacist.” The Washington Times reports that in an interview on the podcast Now What? hosted by former NFL running back Arian Foster, the only thing that Hill was, “really regretful about,” were the awkward position she put her co-workers in. She explained, “So mostly it was […]

"The Sports Center" host says she put her employer in a "bad spot," but that she'll be back on Twitter being her "usual self.”

Jemele Hill once again faces heat for speaking her mind on political issues. This time, the punishment for her statements is two weeks suspension. ESPN brought on the suspension after Jemele posted tweets about Jerry Jones. The Dallas Cowboys owner said that any player that “disrespected the flag” will not play. Jemele clapped back at Jones […]

Jemele Hill last month called Trump “a white supremacist” in a tweet and people believed she should be fired.

The ESPN star shared advice she got from her grandmother about doing the right thing.

Jemele Hill’s comments about Trump being a white supremacists made headlines

Sanders' demand that Hill be fired ignores all the other news media outlets that have called out President Trump's White supremacy.

It’s crazy that we live in a society where people like Colin Kaepernick and Jemele Hill are chastised for taking a stand against injustice, when the people who are openly racist are seen as the victim. But people like Al Sharpton are fighting. On Wednesday, he told TMZ that he stands with Jemele all the […]