Ice Cube - Ice Cube talks about the comedy remake, “21 Jump Street” and his role as police Captain Dickson: I don’t just wanna be loud and big,…

The prospect of an N.W.A. biopic is quickly becoming a reality. Former member and driving force behind the film, Ice Cube, gave a few minor…

Rapper and director, Ice Cube says actor and comedian, Chris Tucker, is in the works to appear in a sequel to the “Friday” series that launched his career. Chris Tucker, has had a long hiatus from the film industry with the exception of three “Rush Hour” movie but has returned to doing stand-up comedy. TMA […]

Ice Cube is making a fulltime move to TV with his new show “Eye For An Eye.” In addition to starring in the vigilante drama series, Cube will work as the executive producer. “Eye For An Eye” will air on FX, and here’s how describes it: “Eye For An Eye” centers on a complex […]

Ice Cube and Woody Harrelson star in the police brutality drama, Rampart. Lyrical Vacation: Drake and The French Laundry Harrelson plays a rogue cop named Dave Brown who is caught on camera beating a suspect and Ice Cube is Kyle Timkins, the internal affairs officer investigating the case. The film opens in theaters on January […]

TBS sitcom “Are We There Yet” tackles the serious topic of bullying in tonight’s episode. The Ice Cube executive-produced program’s “Fall Of Troy” episode will deal with Kevin provoking the school bully.

Ice Cube may be joining the cast of the forthcoming “21 Jump Street” film, based off of the popular FOX program from the 1980s. Cube, who is currently in negotiations to join the film, will be acting alongside Jonah Hill (Superbad) and Channing Tatum (“Prison Break”) if cast.

As much as I despise rappers as actors and Beyonce in movies, there are always exceptions to the rule.