hip hop

From the artists who undoubtedly launched the genre to the artists who followed up by creating sub-genres like gangsta rap and boom bap, there's tracks for everyone to enjoy.  We compiled them into a list for our Finish The Lyric quiz. Test your knowledge below. 

As we celebrate "Hip Hop Celebration Day" and 48 years of Hip-Hop, let's reminisce on some iconic music videos that are embedded in the culture.

While there remains some debate surrounding the origin of Hip-Hop music and culture, the term itself has many claims on its name and we'll examine that in full below.

When people heard Method Man say, "You're all that I need, I'll be there for you, If you keep it real with me, I'll keep it real witchu," to Mary J. Blige in "You're All I Need" it was the passionate words from a hip-hop heart.

There are so many great hip-hop songs out right now and Headkrack is excited about it.

Diddy has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time.