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Berry is court-ordered to pay monthly support to the fathers of both of her children: Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez.

Halle Berry called Keke Palmer by her government name when the actress said she looked better than her in a viral clip from an interview. 

Gary delivers a message that Mo'Nique has for all the "queens" out there, in addition to news on Dr. Dre's wife and Khloe Kardashian sending some unintended shade towards Halle Berry.

Halle Berry took to Instagram to share a video of her celebrating the success of her latest film, "Bruised."

Halle Berry has officially reached icon status as she's set to receive The People's Icon Award at this year's People's Choice Award.

Halle Berry is being sued by Cat Zingano, who claims that Berry promised her a potential movie role.

The current meme craze where people take modern photos and alter them to look dated claiming some sort of connection, Keke Palmer hopped in on the joke and Halle Berry followed with a timely response that has folks talking

In Donnie McClurkin's upcoming episode of UNCENSORED on TV One, he really opens up about his life and Gary breaks it all down.

Halle Berry set to star alongside Mark Wahlberg in a new upcoming Netflix spy movie, Our Man From Jersey.