Detroit schools superintendent shocked a group of state leaders with the unvarnished truth that racism is at the core of the city’s failed public school system.

The King of Pop’s legacy continues to live on. A corner in one of America’s most iconic cities will bear the likeness of music’s biggest act. Earlier this week, Detroit officials announced they will be naming a street called Michael Jackson Avenue. The honor will be placed on a portion of Randolph Street in their […]

Big Sean continues to put on for his city. He plans to open a cinema in his home town. According to The Detroit News the G.O.O.D. Music artist has partnered with Emagine Entertainment to build out a high-tech entertainment facility. Early reports state that it will house a dozen screens and additional space for “intimate” performances. […]

“Detroit” isn’t just a powerful film it’s a piece of history that many don’t know about. Molly Brazy is making a name for herself, but not the way she intended to. Fox News Detroit reports that police are now investigating the Detroit rapper after a video surfaced showing her pointing a gun at a toddler. The video shows the little girl playing with the pistol before she throws it at […]

Detroit businessman Mike Ilitch offered to pay Parks' housing for as long as necessary after a 1994 burglary.

The rapper's efforts hope to curb one of the worst public health disasters in the U.S.

Police are currently trying to figure out the shooter's motive, but have a suspect in mind.