Delta Airlines

Every once in a while, a story pops up on our news feed that provides an opportunity to discuss, with nuance, seemingly mundane ways in which white privilege manifests itself in the lives of Black people. Meet Camille Henderson.  As reported by The Grio, Henderson,”was on her way back to the Bay Area from Atlanta […]

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian praised Georgia's new voter suppression laws with a statement that sounded like it could have been written in coordination with Gov. Brian Kemp’s team.

Delta Air Lines is reportedly the first airline to continue its flights between the US and China after many of their employees test positive for COVID-19.

When you work in the aviation industry, no matter what position you’re in, there is absolutely no room for error. Each mistake will cost the company money, delay travel times for everyone, or injure someone in the process. Unfortunately, the worst of those possibilities happened this week just outside of Los Angeles International Airport when […]

The Delta Air Lines flight attendants accused of racially profiling a doctor giving medical assistance to a sick passenger violated company policy.

  You know Gary is always coming at ya with the Tea and this time he’s talking Tamar Braxton! Tamar is known for being really vocal but this time a Delta Airlines pilot had some choice words and checked her about how she was allegedly conducting herself on a flight from Cincinnati. It’s unknown what […]

Apparently, the 48-year-old woman and the 28-year-old man were complete strangers before boarding the plane heading for Detroit.

Migos accused Delta Air Lines of racial profiling after they were booted off of a flight while in route to a concert in Iowa.