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When you work in the aviation industry, no matter what position you’re in, there is absolutely no room for error. Each mistake will cost the company money, delay travel times for everyone, or injure someone in the process.

Unfortunately, the worst of those possibilities happened this week just outside of Los Angeles International Airport when a troubled Delta Airlines plane had to return shortly after takeoff.

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DELTA flight 89 to Shanghai was immediately rerouted back to LAX for unknown troubles shortly after takeoff, and due to those issues, the plane was required to dump its fuel in order to make a safe landing. The problem arose when it was reported that only minutes later, the fuel was dumped on both kids and adults located at Park Avenue Elementary School in the 8000 blocks of Park Avenue in Cudahy, California.

NBC Los Angeles reported that some 60 people were treated for skin irritation on Tuesday just before noon due to the incident. The Los Angeles Unified School District said the following in a statement:

“Students and staff were on the playground at the time and may have been sprayed by fuel or inhaled fumes,” “Schools immediately called paramedics, who are on the scene and are treating anyone who is complaining of skin irritation or breathing problems.”

Delta released a statement shortly after, seemingly trying to avoid commenting on the 60 people who sustained injuries. The statement admitted to dumping the gas due to engine troubles and confirmed that the plane landed safely. In short, they reminded customers that those people on the ground will be okay, but they were dealing with a plane full of people who might not have been.

Several people on social media were left wondering why the fuel wasn’t dumped into the ocean instead but even that action comes with a price to pay. Hopefully, everyone involved in the incident will recover, but even so, the incoming lawsuits are inevitable.

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