CNN host Don Lemon was named in a sexual assault lawsuit filed by a Long Island, New York.

If CNN can pull it off, it will have an essential dream team of all-Black panelists for an upcoming political roundtable show. April Ryan, Andrew Gillum, Angela Rye, and Bakari Sellers all made a recent appearance together on the network during one of its morning shows, and it appears the chemistry was undeniable. Page Six […]

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill has carved out a career as one of the more visible CNN commentators in recent times and has been applauded for his strong views and stances. However, the network fired Hill after comments he made about Israel and Palestine rubbed his bosses the wrong way apparently. The Hill reports: Hill had […]

Looks like we will see a court battle over First Amendment rights and the Presidency.

A white man from Arkansas was arrested on election day after he allegedly made more than 40 calls to CNN headquarters, some of which included death threats against CNN anchor Don Lemon, USA Today reports.

A racial discrimination lawsuit filed against CNN and TBS alleges that Black employees received less pay and other claims, according to a new report.

“The Van Jones” show is set to launch on CNN on January 27th.

Don Lemon, whose Black Card has been revoked for whitesplaining racism, excoriated Trump for his racist comments about Africa and Haiti.

On New Year’s Eve we always see Don Lemon living his best life while broadcasting.

Paris Dennard has had a hard time on television in 2017. Everyone from Keith Boykin to Cornel West to A. Scott Bolden have dragged him all over CNN. Mr. Dennard might need a vacation, especially considering the reaction he had when Michael Nutter, the former mayor of Philly, mentioned his blood pressure. Earlier today, Dennard appeared […]