Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele is opening up about her experience being canceled following the success of other celebs who supported Donald Trump just like her.

It was a cool summer day in the middle of August, 2014. I was in a Harlem restaurant when I spotted a petite lady with long twists down her back. Her tattooed arm caught my attention, but as I slowly looked up to her face, I was surprised to see it was famed R&B singer, […]

The singer's career and mental health have deteriorated since she performed at Donald Trump's inauguration earlier this year.

Chrisette Michele found herself caught up in controversy after she performed for Donald Trump.

Chrisette Michele held her ground on her decision to go through with the performance.

"No Political Genius” further explains her stance against her critics, including film director Spike Lee and The Roots member DJ Questlove.

Spike Lee isn't here for Chrisette Michele performing at Donald Trump's inauguration – and can we blame him?