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Singer Chrisette Michele has had a tough year following her decision to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration in January. Now, the singer is opening up about some personal and professional challenges she’s facing, including her record label giving her the boot.

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On Friday (Oct. 27), the singer shared via Instagram that she’d recently been dropped from Caroline/Capitol Records. “I complete an entire album and my label decides to walk away from me. Capitol records. I was quiet for a few days… I go into the studio and literally poured out my heart and soul and the label decides to walk away from me?” she wrote.  “I went from someone being revered and loved to facing putting out an album in the worst climate of my musical career.”

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The singer also shared her battle with depression and suicidal thoughts, saying the negativity following her Trump performance got so bad that she considered taking her own life. “People ask me how I’m so positive after all I’ve been thru….. When you’re laying in bed naked, next to a bottle of Bacardi and Xanex. When you wear pajamas Morning and night. When you don’t pick up the phone for weeks, months,” she writes in another post. “Thing is. I know God. He was kind enough to soften the blow. I promise you, I felt Him cover me like a blanket.”

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She also opened up about suffering a miscarriage. “I had a long cycle. Something came out of me. It was my child. The one my love and I worked so hard on…Just because I had a negative experience didn’t mean I had to become negative and broken. When I lost my child I knew that it was time for me to become a #StrongBlackWoman.”



In the end, Chrisette says yoga was her saving grace, as it allowed her to center herself and achieve enlightenment. “With every asana and meditation I found my new focus. It was love,” she said. “It was understanding. It was Peace. I could be the catalyst for peace because I now have a deep understanding for what the exact opposite of peace looks like.”

Currently, there is no word on the releasing of her upcoming album, but her single “Strong Black Woman” is currently available. Listen below:

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