Chick-Fil-A has stuck to their playbook since day one. They very rarely add any new items or change the menu unless the fans begin going elsewhere for items they can sure add. When they added Mac-n-cheese last year many were so shocked they didn’t believe it until they happened to see it on their in-store visits. […]


Popeyes is trying to make the most of the hype surrounding their chicken sandwich.

Dr. Oz eiterated the CDC’s message that you shouldn’t wash your chicken and people are confused.

Skip the foreplay and press play for the main course.

The United States Department of Agriculture announced that Tyson Foods, Inc. recalled 69,093 pounds of their frozen chicken strips.

A Florida KFC employee was recently arrested for a finger-lickin’ fade.

If you have a refrigerator full of Perdue Farms chicken nuggets, you might want to reconsider the stock. 

New recipe alert! Rickey Smiley puts a fun spin on the boring pot pie. 

Americans love chicken. Here’s a list of the top 11 places that people just can’t get enough of. Tell us below who you think makes the best chicken? Wing Stop Chick-fil-A Church’s Chicken KFC Raising Cane’s Popeyes Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Williams Chicken Golden Chick Chicken […]