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Rock-T is shouting out the first HBCU for the HBCU segment! Cheyney University Of Pennsylvania was the first HBCU institution ever.

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Rock-T's joke of the day may be a hit or miss.

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Listen to Rock-T's joke of the day! 

What’s the most comforting rap group ever? Rock-T’s got a clever answer for that!

Who’s ready for Rock-T’s joke of the day? Headkrack told everybody the story of how one North Carolina man sued another man for busting up his marriage and won $8.8 million. He asked, “Would that deter cheating if you knew you could get sued for it?” Rock-T told his joke and after Juicy’s super long introduction, […]

The team discussed Nicki Minaj on “Saturday Night Live” and Headrack mentioned it wasn’t what he thought it was going to be.

Rickey Smiley talked about Da Brat celebrating her birthday this weekend.

Rickey Smiley talked about being on tour for the “LIT AF Comedy Show” with Martin Lawrence.