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Easy Chicken Pot Pie

New recipe alert! Rickey Smiley put a fun spin on the boring pot pie. 

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Ever hear of a food blunt? It’s sort of like a burrito, but, NOT. Rickey compares the “rolling up” step of his chicken pot pie recipe to how to a blunt is perfected. The first step of the 20-minute recipe starts with a crispy pie crust.

In the recipe demonstration video below, Rickey skipped the next chicken-veggie-rice steps (coming soon) to demonstrate the crucial part of adding the mix to the crust and locking it in. 

Disclaimer: “I was the dude who never smoked weed, but I used to have to roll for the homies in college. I knew how to roll, but I never smoked a day in my life.” 

The recipe is easy. After lining up the mix (TBD!) on the pie crust, close it up, clinch the edges, spray some Pam on the pan, slice it for ventilation, pop it in the oven set for 325 degrees and cook until brown.

Cool Fact: If you try this Rickey’s way, you don’t have to lick the ends.