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If you watch Real Housewives of Atlantayou may have noticed how close Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss have become. While a drama-free friendship on that show is nice to see, there are people who feel that the closer she’s become to Kenya, the more Kandi has said little about and/or enabled some of her more over-the-top behavior this season, specifically her somewhat mean moments. Examples include the Cookie Lady drama Kenya cooked up for Tanya Sam, and her treatment of Marlo Hampton and her nephews at the Black Man Lab event. Kandi took to her weekly YouTube show, Speak on It, to let it be known that she’s seen such comments and she greatly disagrees with them.


“It’s not one person, but it’s a gang of y’all that be saying that I’m just taking up for Kenya. Let me just say this. Kenya does not need anyone to take up for her!” she said. “For one, she is clearly capable of speaking up for herself and standing up for herself, and the other thing, she don’t really give a damn what nobody think anyway. She don’t care if y’all go in on her all day, therefore, she does not need me to take up for her. I’m not taking up for her. Whenever I see something or whatever, I clearly have told her. With the Cynthia situation, when I felt like she messed up the proposal, you clearly saw that I called her out and I was pissed off with her about it and I said something to her about it.”

Kandi also said she doesn’t understand how people want her to address her about situations she’s not even present for, like the scene where Kenya brought the infamous Cookie Lady to confront Tanya.

“I saw so many of y’all trying to get mad at me for Kenya and what she did and I wasn’t even there! I was nowhere around that whole scene,” she said. “For some reason, you guys have decided you want to get mad at me and make me responsible for what happened at that scene and I don’t even understand how you feel that way. That ain’t got nothing to do with me.”

Kandi said the same way she has had to stand up for herself when people said all sorts of things about her and even about husband Todd Tucker, the rest of the ladies can defend themselves from others on the show and take responsibility for their own mess.


“Y’all didn’t think nobody needed to take up for me! I took up for my own damn self. That’s the same way I feel anybody else on this show know how to. So that’s why I’m like, y’all have got to stop trying to make me responsible for other people on the show. Unless I’m there and I’m in the scene and I did something that made you feel a way or whatever, that’s fine. But for scenes that I’m not even there for? Stop,” she said.

“I’m done with you guys trying to get mad at me because you’re mad at Kenya. ‘Cause at the end of the day, I still feel Kenya is great for the show. The reason I feel Kenya is great for the show is because she does over-the-top things. That’s her personality! That’s who she is. It’s crazy and wild, but it’s still entertaining.”

She, in addition, addressed a question she was asked by co-star Marlo Hampton as to when she and Kenya became so friendly. She said that when she and Phaedra Parks were friends, she didn’t really spend time getting to know Kenya due to her loyalty to that friendship, but really,” Kenya and I ain’t never really had no beef.”


As years passed though, and the friendship with Phaedra fell apart, Kandi and Kenya became closer, especially when Kenya made known her struggles to have a child.

“She and I have never had an argument or anything. Outside of the show, she and I, we communicate. We’ve hung out as far as just some chill stuff, not about the show,” she said. “The other thing that I can kind of respect with Kenya is, it is what it is with her. You don’t have to guess because you know if she don’t like you, you know. It’s no fake and phony with her at all.”

All that being said though, people don’t often see, according to the star, that she does get Kenya together about the behavior she doesn’t agree with, but nonetheless, that doesn’t hurt the friendship they’ve built.

“Are there things I don’t like about what she does? Of course,” she said. “Do I think she takes things too far sometimes? Of course! Who doesn’t? Do I hold her accountable? Do I tell her what I think? Of course! I always tell her what I think. So I’m not sure why you guys seem to think that I don’t, because I do.”

Check out her thoughts on the matter below, starting at the 18:30 mark and let us know what you think:

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