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 Delphine LaLaurie’s Slave Mansion

Delphine LaLaurie’s estate in New Orleans served as a torture mansion for her slaves in 1834. LaLaurie kept the slaves locked away in an attic, where they were chained and bound with iron neck collars. One slave, who was shackled to the stove, intentionally started a fire in a suicide mission to escape LaLaurie’s wrath. Rescuers found the 70-year-old woman after the fire, and she instructed them to go to the attic to free the other slaves. Many of them were mutilated and left for dead. The well-known sadist fled to Paris. Once people found out about her devious past, she was blackballed by high society.

LaLaurie’s story would later serve as inspiration behind Kathy Bates’ character on American Horror Story: Coven. Check out Bates and the other actors talk about LaLaurie above.


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