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The Disappearance Of Béla Kiss 

Béla Kiss was an Hungarian serial killer – and the original Catfish – who would lure women to his home with the promise of marriage and financial dependence. From 1900 to 1914, Kiss wrote love letters to women and promised them the world if they would come see him in Cinkota, Hungary (now present day Budapest). Kiss’ neighbors noticed he kept large metal drums outside of his house, but Kiss assured them and the police they were filed with gasoline because of the upcoming war. Kiss went off to the war and police discovered that the drums were filled with women. Investigators found 24 bodies, including his wife and another man, at his home. They believed Kiss strangled his victims, but didn’t know why they had puncture marks on their necks. Since they were unable to find Kiss, it was assumed he became a prisoner of war.

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