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The Mysterious Swedish Twins 

Ursula and Sabina Eriksson were twin sisters from Sweden that allegedly suffered from folie à deux, or “shared psychosis.”  The twins’ chaotic episode was seen by the world when they appeared on BBC’s Motorway Cops in 2008. Sabina and Ursula threw themselves into traffic for unknown reasons. Ursula was the first to run onto the highway. She was able to dodge traffic, but Sabina was hit by a truck. Both women tried to run from the cops, especially Sabina, who regained consciousness and ran to the other side of the highway. Ursula broke her legs in the accident and was taken to the hospital. Sabina was arrested and held in the police station for just 24 hours. After she was released, she killed a man who offered her shelter. She jumped off a bridge to escape from police, but was captured. The courts were unable to prove she was mentally ill at the time of trial, but she only served five years in jail. The twins’ whereabouts are currently unknown.


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