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The Real Life Rapunzel 

You might not know the story of Russian supermodel Ruslana Korshunova, but you might remember one of her most famous ads for Nina Ricci’s signature perfume. The 20-year-old model committed suicide in 2008, leaping to her death from her Manhattan apartment. The model was known for her innocent look and phenomenal hair.

Upon her death, many noticed her rich long locks were damaged and brittle. No explanation was ever given about the model’s death or reason her hair was severely damaged, but it was later revealed that Ruslana was part of an infamous cult called Rose of the World.

During the first days in the program, students are forced to retell their most haunting stories. While some spoke of rape and substance abuse, Ruslana spoke about her father’s death and a failed romance. Rose was filled with people constantly pouring out their emotions on a daily basis in the dark halls. The extreme process – referred to as Lifespring – was so severe, the group was banned in the U.S in 1980 after many students suffered mental damage. The teachings proved to be a success in the model’s eyes but to others, she would break into random fits of rage and started cursing for the first time in her young life.

Many people believed the teachings at the cult drove her to suicide and caused her to resent one of her most stunning features – her hair.


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