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BET Presents The 'Bobby-Q' Atlanta Premiere Of 'The Bobby Brown Story'

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BET’s The Bobby Brown Story filled in the gritty details of Bobby Brown’s life that the New Edition Story glazed over. The four-hour special, which is set to air over two days, covers Bobby’s life from his breakout solo album to his current age and the trials and triumphant he faced being married to the greatest voice of our time.

Bobby Brown Kicked Janet Jackson Out Of His Hotel

It’s hard to believe Bobby Brown and Janet Jackson once had a love affair so intense it resulted in him kicking her out of his hotel room naked. Yup, you read and watched that scene right. According to Brown, Janet, who was engaged to be married to James DeBarge, didn’t want to go public with their relationship because he was Black. His insinuation led to an argument, which, by his perspective, led to him tossing her out his room after they had sex. Janet has yet to confirm or deny said affair.

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Whitney Used To Send Him On Late Night Drug Runs

Whitney and Bobby’s drug quickly grew out of control with the more fame and money they received. The couple would allegedly disappear for months, secluded in their home on drug binges. In one scene, Bobby returned to their hotel room unable to find drugs after their usual dealer was dry, leading Whitney, who was alone with Robyn, to slam the door in his face and set him back out on the street.

Bobby Brown & Robyn Faced Off Several Times

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It’s no secret Bobby and Whitney Houston’s best friend Robyn had a strained relationship, but The Bobby Brown Story goes into detail on how volatile it got at times. The TV film really alludes to Robyn and Whitney having a sexual relationship, which enraged Bobby. They faced off, on night, and Bobby kicked Robyn out their house and bedroom.

He Found Whitney Did Drugs On Their Wedding Day

According to Bobby Brown, he found out Whitney used drugs when he walked into her bridal suite before their wedding. Brown was having cold feet and wanted to see his soon-to-be bride before they walked down the aisle when he found her sniffing coke.

He Got Whitney Pregnant The Same Time As His Baby’s Mother

Shortly before Bobby Brown proposed to Whitney, he slept his baby’s mother and got her pregnant. Whitney happened to also be pregnant at the time. Unfortunately, Whitney lost her child while filming The Bodyguard. She eventually got pregnant again and gave birth to Bobbi Kristina.

His Sister’s Fiance Was Shot In front Of Him

Bobby Brown and his sister’s fiancee Steven Sealy (played by Lance Gross) were leaving Biarritz Lounge bar when a gunman opened fire on Brown’s Bentley, shooting Sealy in the head.

He Combined Assets With Whitney’s Management Team

Against his lawyer’s wishes, Bobby refused to get a prenup and at one point, allowed Whitney Houston’s management company to manage his finances.

Stay tuned for part 2 on September 4.


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