janet jackson

Before there was Rihanna, Teyana Taylor or Ciara, there was Janet Jackson.

Bobby Brown says that he's set to release the juiciest documentary about his life you've ever seen.

"Gary's Tea" discussed some very interesting topics today, including a pregnancy announcement from two music superstars, a little lesbian flirtation between two R&B queens and a hip-hop king that believes he's making way too much money to be single. 

So Janet Jackson's Lifetime and A&E documentary concluded last night, and if you're fan you were probably pleased with the insight. But one particular point that has people in their feelings is Jermaine Dupri admitted that him being "reckless" is what put the kabosh on their 8-year relationship.

The two-part 'JANET' documentary aired over the weekend and further solidified Janet Jackson's status as the 'queen of pop.'

Janet Jackson is opening up about how her brother Michael teased her about her weight gain when they were children in her upcoming, two-part documentary.

Madonna and Tory Lanez are going at it and Janet Jackson is getting something off her chest.

A plot against Janet, Rihanna & A$AP Rocky breakup rumors plus Mike Hill addressing his social media cheating scandal are all featured in today's "Gary's Tea."

Maria More fills in for the "Hot Spot" today, dropping updates on Drake's album sales, a new acting role for our girl Eva Marcille and a joint tour between former rap rivals Gucci Mane & Young Jeezy.