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It’s time for another Rickey Smiley Unleashed! Rickey wants to address communities and how we need to do a better job at taking care of where we live. He also feels that we get mad about when people do things to Black people, but won’t call out each other for damaging our neighborhoods or killing our own people.

Rickey wants to start using “country” rather than “ghetto,” when addressing certain people that are trying to lower your property value or not do right. He also spoke about how there needs to be a neighborhood etiquette class. Rickey’s mother is going through something similar right now because her neighbor turned his driveway into a Jiffy Lube.

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At his home he fixes cars and Rickey doesn’t like how it looks over there. People work hard to have what they have and we should respect that. Take care of your neighborhood and respect where you live.

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