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Everyone at “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” is celebrating because Juicy just landed a scene in “Claws“! Juicy mentioned that she listened to advice from Rickey Smiley about just being yourself during the audition. They told Juicy she was a natural and wanted her on the show.

“Claws” is about a nail salon for bosses with a lot of drama happening outside of it with the characters. Niecy Nash is one of the stars on the show and Juicy got to work with her. Juicy mentioned that they gave her extra lines and she is so blessed for this opportunity.

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She also spoke about her recent weight loss and how she’s been a vegetarian for the past 2 months. Juicy goes to the gym twice a day and has had more energy over the past couple of months. Anyone that is struggling with their weigh just start off slow and then dedicate yourself to eating better and working out. Make sure you watch Juicy on Claws this Sunday, July 22nd at 9/8c. Congratulations to you again Juicy!!

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