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Wow! I mean WOW!

Last night’s episode of “Scandal” perfectly titled “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” was quite possibly the best episode in the entire series. This is just my opinion, but I absolutely loved it. The pacing was perfect, the characters and their motivations made sense for once, and I cared about what happened in the end.

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As an added bonus there were hardly any scenes between Olivia Pope and Fitz! YAY!

But now I need to wipe the drool from my face and tell you my favorite parts from the episode, so here we go:

1. Mama Pope


Man do I love this woman. She’s smart, sexy and doesn’t waste her time on anyone. Harrison’s former boss clearly thought she would be the one in charge when she hired Marie Wallace to help her launch a terrorist attack, but she was sadly mistaken.

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Mama Pope has no intentions of being left in the cold after her business with Adnan is finished. When they’re meeting with two potential hired guns and the meeting isn’t going as she planned, Mama Pope straight up kills one of the men and tells the other to send a message to his boss!

Perfection! I cannot wait to see what she will do towards the end of the season, it’s gonna be good.

2. Daddy Pope

I’ve already expressed my complete love for Olivia‘s dad Rowan and the way he handles everything thrown his way with an evil smile and a biting remark, and his appearance last night was no exception. He doesn’t hold Olivia’s hand and tell her everything will be fine, or he’ll do whatever it takes to make her life easier like so many other people on this show.

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He’s as brutally honest as ever, but his speech from last night tells more about B613 than we’ve ever gotten the chance to learn, and especially about his position as command. He gave another wonderful monologue and I hope we have many more of them in the near future.

3. Mellie’s Affair


Poor Mellie has been a bystander in her marriage for far too long. Fitz has made it blatantly obvious that he doesn’t love her; he doesn’t even seem to like her most of the time, no matter how much she does to make sure he’s in office. Like, I don’t know, putting up with his damn self righteous mistress every freakin’ day!

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Anyway, Mellie finally got some with Fitz’s V.P. candidate Andrew Nichols after years of neglect from her own husband. I was so happy for her. She deserves to be with someone who loves her and appreciates her for the person she is, flaws and all.

4. Cyrus’ Breakdown

The stand out moments from last night’s episode came from Cyrus Beene played by Jeff Perry who had so much on his shoulders with the Presidential elections on the rise, a back stabbing (literally) Vice President Sally Langston and the revelation that his husband James was Publius and working against him. To top all this off, his husband was shot dead in cold blood because he figured out that Cyrus had covered up the murder of Douglas Langston.

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Cyrus handled this in the beginning in perfect Cyrus fashion by trying to work through the pain, then anger, and finally when he found out the cause of death he attempted to take James’ place as press secretary and broke down in front of reporters. It was all too much to lose the love of his life and tell the public how he died for poor Cyrus. It was by far Mr. Perry’s best performance in the series so far.

5. James’ Death


I really liked James. I thought he and Cyrus were a bizarrely perfect partnership despite their many flaws, their differing political views, and the fact that Cyrus’ moral code seemed to falter when it came to how best to use his husband. Anyway, this episode belonged to Cyrus and James, and the way James’ death and the way he fell for Cyrus was depicted perfectly.

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At the end of the episode when Cyrus was reflecting on the man he’d lost along with the final scene where Jake Ballard stays with James as he dies so he won’t be alone. I personally think Jake made a bad call deciding to kill off James (and I won’t necessarily forgive him for it), but I think again that it was handled perfectly. It was nice to see that in the end Cyrus was really and truly in love with James more than he even realized.