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Season three of “Scandal” seems to have taken a major detour from the show’s original blueprint and this wouldn’t be a problem, but unfortunately we can’t say that the detour that they’ve decided to take has made the show any better.

We’re hoping that after this hiatus we’ll get back on track and these are just some of the things we really want to see when the show returns in the new year:

1. Mellie’s Rape

In the episode “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie” we saw that before Fitz had become Governor Mellie got raped by his father Jerry Grant then used it to get him to support his son in his campaign. While this was a very misguided attempt to get people to sympathize with a character who’s been a thorn in the audience’s side since her marriage to Fitz makes it impossible for him and Olivia Pope to be together, it was still her story and sadly it hasn’t been brought up since the episode aired.

There hasn’t been a single mention of it and it’s hard to even believe Mellie is a victim of sexual assault when she continues to be just as vicious as ever when it come to making sure her husband stays in the White House. The point is, the rape was a huge thing that happened and we’d like to know where it will lead.

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