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Scandal - Stand in the sun

This Article Contains Spoilers

According to the promos that happened before “Scandal” aired last night the episode “Stand In The Sun” was supposed to end with our OMG moment. Last years OMG moment was Fitz getting shot in the head, the year before that didn’t really have 1 OMG moment since it was only 8 episodes but it was still a very intense season.

So how does last nights OMG moment rank?



A Quick recap: Sally Langston, Fitz’s VP killed her husband after she found out about his affair with James. Cyrus and Mellie covered it up for her and then she decided to run against Fitz anyway. Since then Sally’s been struggling with her guilt and connection to God. She tells her campaign manager Leo that she’s going to confess at the Presidential debate so Cyrus goes to Jake Ballard (now the head of B613) and tells him to take out Langston.

Of course Sally gets her wits about her when Fitz throws the debate under Olivia’s instruction so she doesn’t die.

After this Cyrus’ husband James, David Rosen and 2 journalists meet in the middle of the night on a dark corner to discuss whether or not they should reveal that Sally Langston killed her husband.

Then, out of nowhere! Jake appears shoots the 2 women then aims his gun at James and David a shot goes off then cuts to black.


I have to say I find this pretty underwhelming. I mean James is married to Cyrus and David is sleeping with Abby but for the most part they’re just side characters, and we hardly know anything about the 2 women they dragged into this.

More than that, I have no idea why Jake did this. When Cyrus asked Jake to take out Langston he initially told him that he wasn’t getting involved in Whitehouse drama, then he hired a sniper on her, then he got Quinn to steal the file on Douglas Langston’s death, but his motivations for shooting these people makes no sense since he seems to have no desire to protect the Whitehouse aside from “because the plot said so”.

I also have a hard time believing that a member of B613, Command no less would shoot the Whitehouse Press Secretary and THE U.S. Attorney for D.C. in a dark alley way. I mean he can probably get rid of the bodies without much trouble, but if 2 journalist and both those men went missing someone would figure out it was a cover up.

So the only thing I got from the OMG moment of “Scandal” was more evidence of lazy writing. It’s a shame since I was hopeful that Olivia’s mom Maya would be our OMG moment with whatever she’s planning but I guess not.

Anyway fingers crossed next weeks episode will pay off.