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I’ve made no mystery of my dislike for this most recent season of “Scandal” in the past and I had hoped that it’s return this past Thursday would be a turning point but unfortunately I found myself wanting to rip my hair out over these characters remaining as stupid as before.

However I do want to be fair so I will point out 5 things I couldn’t stand along with 5 things I liked in last nights mid-season premiere return.

*I want to preface this by saying I am in full support of a black woman as a lead in a hit T.V. show and was created by a black woman since I am one. That being said, as a writer I refuse to ignore bad writing just because of my race.*

olitz scandal

THE BAD: Fitzgerald Grant Shouldn’t Be President

I said this before and I continue to think it: Fitz shouldn’t be President and this becomes more obvious the longer I see him in office that he was put there by Olivia, Cyrus and Mellie and he didn’t earn it.

I have no idea why they wanted him to be President aside from power because I cannot think for the life of me of anything that qualifies him to be anywhere near the Oval Office, unless he needed to use the bathroom. He’s a drunk, he’s a serial cheater and he never listens to any of his advisors even when they’re just trying to do what’s best for him.

But what pushed me over the edge during last night’s episode was the opening where everyone on Fitz’s campaign team is running around trying to figure out their next move and where is the President during this meeting? MAKING OUT IN HIS OFFICE WITH OLIVIA POPE!


Clearly this man just wants to screw Olivia instead of running the free world so let’s just let him and be done with it.


THE GOOD: Sally Langston Staying As V.P.

I like Sally Langston a lot. I can’t stand her ancient religious nonsense, but she’s a good character. She’s ambitious, smart and refuses to take anything laying down. My love for her simply grew when I saw that not only was she running for President as a third party candidate, but she wasn’t giving up her position as V.P.

To me this proved that despite the fact Cyrus and Mellie helped her cover up the murder of her husband she refused to allow them to control her and I love that about her.

President Langston for the win!


THE BAD: Can I Stop Caring About Quinn Yet?

Seriously…I am so tired of this character and it’s becoming more and more obvious she was only created as a twist ending for the first season that Shonda didn’t know what to do with after the twist was revealed. And now she’s kind of an assassin, and a kidnapper and I just don’t have the energy to pretend I care about this person anymore so I won’t. Moving on.

rowan pope

THE GOOD: Olivia’s Dad Telling Her What’s Up

Rowan Pope is another character everyone wanted to condemn but who I absolutely fell in love with when he ripped Fitz a new one in “A Door Marked Exit” and called him a man unworthy of his daughter. Preach Rowan

Anyway Rowan and Olivia meet up at Iwo Jima memorial and he tells her that he plans to destroy President Grant for taking B613 away from him and that Olivia should run while she still has a chance. He also lets her know he’s not above using her as a way to get to the President. I love this guy, he seems to be the only one who sees through all the bull happening up in the Whitehouse.

You go Rowan!

harrison scandal

THE BAD: Harrison’s An Idiot

Ugh! A while back Harrison was threatened by Cyrus when Olivia wouldn’t work for Fitz. He told Harrison he’d allow someone called Adnan back into the country, Harrison refused to comply and Cyrus made the call. This was one of those plot points that was brought up months ago in a throw away episode and everyone basically forgot about it since Harrison didn’t bring it up again.

Well guess what? Now it’s important and Harrison’s trying to do everything he can to make sure Adnan can’t find him, he’s terrified for his life, he even gets Abby to lend him her gun! Wow this is getting intense!

And what happens when Adnan finds him? She ends up being some hot woman and they have sex…IDIOT!

Olivia and Mellie lunch

THE GOOD: Mellie and Olivia’s Lunch

While Olivia might be the President’s main side piece Mellie still has the ring, his children and the title of First Lady and when the rumor about Fitz having an affair with Olivia resurfaces she rebounds in excellent form.

She lets Olivia know exactly how this will work, they’ll pretend to be friends in public, Olivia select a boyfriend from a list that Mellie has made for her and she will put Fitz in the office. Olivia might be screwing Fitz now but Mellie screwed him first and she’s not losing her spot as First Lady for anything.

maya pope

THE BAD: So…Have We All Forgotten About That Terrorist We Released?

Hey…so does anyone remember Maya Pope? Olivia‘s mom who her team did everything in their power to release from Rowan’s grasp and it was the most important thing ever? Yeah no one talks about it in this episode. No one mentions it, no one seems to feel guilty about it and Fitz doesn’t seem concerned at all with the fact that he aided a terrorist in getting out of custody. The same terrorist who got him to inadvertently shoot down a plane for them.

Yep…no one cares about that anymore.

Olivia and Jake

THE GOOD: Olivia Using Jake

So Olivia‘s in a bit of a weird place because all Fitz wants to do is have sex and tell her how much he loves her and that he’s not losing her again (haven’t we had this conversation before?). Anyway Jake comes by to see how she’s doing since they’re sort of friends now. And Olivia gets the bright idea to use Jake as her public boyfriend since he wants to serve his President so badly.

Of course Fitz doesn’t take this well but who cares? (I really don’t)

olivia_mellie promo

THE BAD: Olivia Scolding Mellie For A Potential Affair

This is something that made me nearly throw my glass of wine at my T.V. (yes I drink when I watch Scandal, how else would I get through it?). The promo for next weeks’ episode seems to revolve around Mellie’s potential love affair with Fitz’s V.P. candidate Andrew Nichols and if she cheats on Fitz with him I will personally be over the moon!

That being said in the promo they make it look like Olivia is telling Mellie she can’t be reckless and have this affair…I’M SORRY WHAT?

Olivia Pope dares to tell Mellie not to have an affair when she’s been screwing her husband left and right for years. No. No. NO!

james scandal

THE GOOD: James Having a Plan

Another character who I always thought didn’t get enough love has been killing it this past season. James! Cyrus’s fabulous husband who used him to get a job in the Whitehouse has now revealed himself to be a lot smarter and vindictive than anyone thought. It looks like he’s going to get the revenge he deserves on Cyrus as long as he treads carefully.

I really like that he’s no longer blinded by his love for Cyrus or their baby and is doing what’s actually the best thing for himself and maybe even the country if everything goes well.

Hopefully future episodes will be better but I highly doubt it.