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Oh Thank GOD!

I made no mystery of my dislike for last weeks episode and I have to say I was dreading watching this weeks, but I was happily surprised.

I will admit that the first thing that happens in the episode is hearing Olivia and Fitz yell at each other over the stupid ‘hiring Jake as her beard’ thing clearly right after they’ve been having sex and it made me want to punch a hole through the wall, but that was luckily there were only two times these love sick morons were on screen together.

Seriously Olivia, what is it about Fitz that just makes him so irresistible?

The only conclusion that I can come up with is that must he amazing in bed, because nothing else makes sense.

After this unfortunate opening where Olivia claims that she has dreams and goals that don’t involve Fitz (Really? What are these goals you speak of Olivia?), she storms off with Jake at her heels and the episode really comes into it’s own. The real stand outs in the episode were:

Jake Ballard


This character has really come into his own, and he’s a far more likable and honest person than the damn President. He discovers just how much power he truly has and I’m just waiting for him to abuse it the minute that Fitz steps out of line.

He also explains to Olivia that if she wants to have a pretend boyfriend she’s going to have to work a little harder for it. I’m very happy that Jake isn’t letting himself be walked over like he was before. Not to mention that we discover that Tom who’s the President’s right hand man of security is actually working for B613! YES!! The plot thickens.

Next Quinn!


It looks like Shonda finally knows what the hell this character is doing. Thank goodness. I really like the idea of Quinn as a thorn in Olivia’s side and I love how she like many more characters in the show are beginning to see who Olivia really is and realize that they don’t need her like they used to. I mean, let’s not forget Olivia ruined Quinn’s life, she has every right to pull a gun on her!

Mellie and Andrew!


You already know I love Mellie and now she’s finally getting the love she deserves. Andrew Nichols is a good guy, no Andrew Nichols is a great guy! While Fitz yells and stomps his feet when he doesn’t get what he wants like caveman Andrew seems to have genuine political aspirations and cares about Mellie. I mean who else would shove their fingers down your throat to make you throw up instead of overdose.

I really want these two to get together. Mellie deserves someone who won’t abuse her with every word they say.

Rowan Pope


If I could have a whole show dedicated to Rowan and B613 I would be a much happier person. I love this guy so much, especially because he put Fitz in his place with his “I Am A Man” speech last time and he like many people in this episode isn’t taking any crap from Olivia. I adored how he shut her down when she attempted to play the ‘concerned daughter’ card and called her out for assuming that what works on her clients will work on him.

If I have one complaint it’s that there isn’t enough Rowan.

She’s back!


The best moment was right at the end when Maya Lewis returned apparently working with Adnan, Harrison’s squeeze. I hope these two women will take down the Grant administration and let Mellie or Sally Langston run the show. Maybe they’ll even kill of Fitz so Olivia can go on a vacation and get herself together.

Whatever these two women are doing, as long as it’s something that will hurt Fitz, I strong support it!