Wale is known to never hold his tongue on certain issues such as racism, social injustice and more.

Wale spoke about watching his daughter be born and how it was an experience he will never forget.

Wale became a father to a baby girl and it has truly changed his life.

Wale recently released “It’s Complicated,” and fans love it.

Wale has been in the music industry for quite some time.

Wale has a new single out titled “Complicated” and he reveals that’s what his love life is right now.

Wale recently released his new single “All Star Break Up,” but it wasn’t on Atlantic Records.

Sadly, conservative media personality Tomi Lahren tried to go at it again with rapper Wale, despite a previous Twitter dragging from him three months ago. Lahren quoted the rapper when talking about her recent debacle with TheBlaze and it’s founder Glenn Beck. Lahren sued TheBlaze earlier this month for wrongful termination and now Beck is filing a countersuit […]