Sorry Bardi Gang, but Cardi B is refusing to do a headlining tour.

This summer, Nas and Mary J. Blige will be co-headlining their own tour together for the first time ever.

Travis Scott might be allegedly battling some rocky conditions at home with Kylie Jenner, but he’s doing very well for himself on tour.

Snoop Dogg has done just about everything in entertainment, from hosting shows with Martha Stewart to stage plays and hosting game shows. Now the Long Beach OG is taking it back to where it all began, when he first became the most popular rapper in America.

Just before the new year hit, B2K broke the internet with news about their forthcoming Millennium Tour featuring Lil Fizz, Boog, Raz B, Omarion, and a bunch of other male solo acts and groups that rocked the 00’s.

After a decent fan vote, Lil Wayne has made his picks for his “I Ain’t Sh*t Without You” tour.

Childish Gambino is currently on tour, but unfortunately he will have to postpone the remainder of his North American tour.

Gary With Da Tea is dishing out all the celebrity gossip on Lauryn Hill!

The former First Lady admits she’s “a little frightened” by how candid she got in her brand new memoir, Becoming but she’s nonetheless proud about her open and honest new memoir.

Gary With Da Tea is out, but Juicy is taking over for him.