Sharon Osbourne​ is leaving 'The Talk'​ and she's definitely going out with a bang.

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After being off the air for two weeks and an internal review, it has been determined that Sharon Osbourne will no longer be a host on CBS’ The Talk. CBS released a statement to CNN revealing the news.

Entertainment News

Rapper-turned-talkshow host, Eve, announces her departer from 'The Talk' after four years as a co-host on the CBS show. While her absence will surely be felt on US television, fans can catch her on her new gig. The hustle never stops.

Eve just started her new position as a host on CBS’s “The Talk” and fans are loving it.

Rapper Eve has done so many things within her career and just landed a seat on the daytime show “The Talk.”

Aisha Tyler, co-host of The Talk recently spoke her mind about black students who choose to attend HBCUs, saying it’s more ‘courageous’ to attend more predominantly white institutions. She says that the working world college graduates enter are more realistically like predominantly white schools, so black students she get used to the racial tensions that occur there sooner. […]

Rickey Smiley was a guest on “The Talk” on CBS, and of course, everyone had a great time with him at the table! Check out the clip above to hear Rickey and the ladies of “The Talk” discuss Jaden Smith‘s new modeling gig, and you can click here to check out the full episode now! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]


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