The constant leaking of details about Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor divorce have upset the singer, and she is punching back. She’s aiming at one of the main culprits sharing the specifics of her former marriage: TMZ. Over the weekend, she took to her Instagram Stories to air her frustrations about making such a personal […]

Teyana Taylor has raised concerns about Iman Shumpert’s behavior, alleging that he is sometimes under the influence when caring for their children. According to TMZ, Taylor made these claims in recent legal documents filed as part of their ongoing divorce proceedings. She accuses Shumpert of neglecting the safety of their two daughters, Junie (eight years […]

Teyana said cheating was not the cause of their split, and that she chose to speak out publicly on the matter because the rumors were getting a little out of hand.

Teyana Taylor has already stunned the world with her body, vocals, and choreography…now she’s letting her inner creative director shine. As a multi-talented star, it only makes sense that she uses her plethora of talents to cultivate others. In 2021, she launched ‘Aunties 360 Production Studio’—a 5-acre space for creatives which includes equipment, sets, and […]

Actress and singer Teyana Taylor was caught bringing Chick-fil-A to the Met Gala on Monday. Rapper Pusha T blasted Taylor on social media, writing “@TeyanaTaylor is embarrassing me”. While some joked that she should no longer be invited to the event, others agreed that the food selection at formal galas are often disappointing. A few […]

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Congratulations to Teyana Taylor who has just been crowned as the season seven winner of "The Masked Singer!" The post Teyana Taylor Wins ‘The Masked Singer’ appeared first on HelloBeautiful.

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Teyana Taylor is sending a message to those who like to spread rumors about her and her life. 

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Teyana Taylor had a feisty response to rumors floating around on TikTok that she allegedly abused drugs after finding out her husband Iman Shumpert cheated on her.

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Teyana Taylor took to Instagram to reveal that she was hospitalized before a recent Connecticut concert due to exhaustion, "my body simply just gave out."