Rickey Smiley’s book “Stand By Your Truth and Run For Your Life”

Ed Lover has had the experience of walking in on his fiancee in bed with another man.

While Guy Torry was hanging out in the studio with the morning show cast, and Rickey Smiley asked him to tell a funny story from his experiences touring the country. He recalls a time when he was performing in Kansas City, where he went to a restaurant on his break. What the little old white […]

Legendary comedian Cedric The Entertainer came through to the studio to hang out with the morning show family! Rickey Smiley brings up a hilarious story about a time when they did a show in Omaha, Nebraska and the promoters didn’t have the money to pay them adequately. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Cedric laughs about […]

Rickey Smiley tells a hilarious story of what happened when he took a trip down to Florida to visit his daughter. He was supposed to sleep in a hotel, but didn’t approve of the conditions of the room, and decided to sleep in his boat instead. But in the middle of the night he was […]

When Rickey Smiley was gearing up to go into an edition of Dumb Ass News, he instead got wrapped up in telling an elaborate and hilarious story about the antics he got into while riding on a roller coaster at Six Flags. Plus, he gives roller coaster enthusiasts a tip about enjoying their rides a new way the next time they strap […]