The Los Angeles Country Sheriff’s Department is investigating reports where an off-duty cop claims to have found a tampon inside of his beverage at Starbucks.

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Starbucks was under fire after an internal memo telling employees not to wear Black Lives Matter attire leaked and now they take it back.

A Starbucks in Oklahoma fired an employee and apologized for their actions after the former worker wrote a cop’s order as “PIG” in the name portion.

A Starbucks in Philadelphia is under fire for making another racist inference according to the claims of a patron who says staff in the store took a swipe at his name.

Starting at the top of next year, coffee chain giant Starbucks is banning the viewing of porn over its free Wi-Fi service.

The Philadelphia Police Department announced a new policy of de-escalating confrontations with individuals accused of defiant trespassing on private business property.

Starbucks' board of directors appointed Mellody Hobson as vice chair.

Instead of a long and drawn-out legal battle, the men at the center of the Philadelphia Starbucks arrest incident have taken an incredibly low settlement from the city with a perk that speaks to their interests. Taking $1 dollar settlements each, Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson will help spearhead a $200,000 grant program designed to aid […]