Soulja Boy

If you’re a fan of Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition, you were looking forward to the season finale just like we were. And more so looking forward to seeing which couple left the house together.

Soulja Boy landed back in the conversation but this time over a kidnapping allegation involving a woman only known as Kayla.

A woman allegedly linked to dating Soulja Boy has accused the rapper of kidnapping her, according to reports.

Social media got an eye full of booty, thighs and beautiful women as City Girls and Cardi B released their video for "Twerk."

Soulja Boy’s give me my recognition tour goes on. Big Draco got into a heated argument with Famous Dex on Instagram Live, so of course Twitter is having a field day.  It all started last night (Jan. 16) with Big Soulja going on IG Live to talk ish, which involved slandering Dex while insisting he […]

Soulja Boy is in the news, but it doesn’t have anything to do with his music or suspect game systems. The rapper took to Instagram to assert that he is not a crackhead.  It all started on the Internets thanks to pics of a younger and older SB being used as evidence that he is […]