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The cast members remembered the late James Avery, who played the firm but loving Uncle Phil.

Will Smith is bringing us more exciting content to take in while stuck scrolling on social media.  He launched a stay at home series on Snapchat called "Will From Home" that will feature the actor's life while on quarantine. 

Not even DJ Khaled can save Snapchat at this point. It is being reported that over the last three months the once favorite social media app has lost about 3 million daily users.  Looks like Instagram is seriously eating Snapchat’s food and is one of the leading factors in the app’s downfall. The redesign that […]

Earlier this month Snapchat had to apologize to Rihanna after a poll about slapping her or Chris Brown was posted.

Things are not looking up for Snapchat. No, not at all. After trying to force a lame update on us, those running the social media messaging app made another grave error when they mocked Chris Brown‘s 2009 felony assault against superstar Rihanna. In an attempt to survive and restructure the company after all the backlash, […]

JoJo’s “Too Little Too Late” lyrics perfectly describe Snapchat’s attempt to make things right. *You know all the right things to say!…* After messing up BIG TIME (details here), TMZ reports the fallen social media app is doing major damage control. But we don’t care because as JoJo said *to be real, it doesn’t matter anyway.* […]

2018 isn’t looking good for Snapchat and the scary part is the year basically just started. Rumors are swirling that Twitter is working on a new video feature similar to Snapchat’s own that may doom the once popular social media platform. Khaled can’t save Snapchat if this report is true. Snapchat’s redesign/update has not been […]

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have received the blessing of Queen Elizabeth II to get married, but she was allegedly throwing shade still.

No, making light of the superstar being attacked by Chris Brown isn't good for business.