Bernice Jenkins announces sister Alice Stanton is having a parking lot sale for her son going away  30 years to prison. Listen to these Church Announcements to hear what he’s going to jail for and exactly what they are selling!  Get the latest announcements from Bernice here and don’t forget to listen LIVE weekdays from 6-10am EST to “The Rickey Smiley Morning […]

Lil Boosie was recently freed from prison, and will be speaking live today at a press conference in New Orleans at 2 pm EST, and you can watch it right here! The stream is scheduled to go live between 1:30 and 1:45pm. As we previously reported, Boosie (Torrence Hatch) was released from a Louisiana State prison […]

The sentence hearing in Lauryn Hill‘s tax evasion case is rapidly approaching. Although she already plead guilty to the charges, Hill is still asking for…


Ja Rule just can’t catch a break.  Right after serving a two year prison term for weapons possession, Ja was transferred to another facility for…

Not without lack of trying, New Orleans rapper C-Murder will spend the rest of his life behind bars after a Supreme Court judge denied his…

Former New York Giants star Plaxico Burress spoke to Bryant Gumbel recently about how his race may have affected the jury’s decision in the 2009 gun possession case that landed him in prison for two years. Burress, who was charged with illegally carrying and firing a gun at a Manhattan nightclub, told Gumbel that he […]

NEVADA-Steve Suwe, the public information officer for the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada has called the story of O.J. Simpson getting beat up in prison, “Totally Bogus.” Stuwe told USA today: We laughed over that one pretty good Read The Whole Story RELATED STORIES O.J. Simpson Beaten Unconscious By Skinhead In Prison (REPORT) O.J. Co-Defendant […]

Bill Clinton was asked by the hosts Pittsburgh’s 96.1 Kiss Morning Freak show what he thought about Lil Wayne being released from prison and Clinton had words of encouragement for the controversial rapper: I tell you what I think about that. I know this is kind of a funny question for you to ask me. […]

OPINION: Reality Show? Mike Vick Will Do Anything For A Dollar Company Sued For Michael Vick Dog Toy Michael Vick Looks For Reality Show Deal A person familiar with the release details said suspended NFL star Michael Vick left a Kansas prison Wednesday for home confinement in Virginia, the latest step on a journey that he […]