Everyone’s favorite grandmother, Sister Bernice Jenkins, takes on the role of Nurse Jenkins in this hilarious prank call. She has to give the news to an unsuspecting new mother that her premature baby is at risk due to her contaminated breast milk. Apparently, the hospital found traces of Crown Royal, Patron, and a few other […]

Mrs. Hendricks was not here for any calls about outstanding bills on this prank call.

Animal cruelty is no joke, but these fools tried it on this prank call about pitbulls and bulldogs. The caller hangs up and they call him right back– twice. They discuss complaints regarding pungent odors, animal haters, medical testing, making love to dogs, dog poop, the FEDs, and a whole lot more foolishness. Check out […]

This prank call about a refrigerator being donated turned very serious after a while.

Rickey Smiley doesn’t care what time it is he’s always ready to prank someone.

Roy Wood Jr. calls up a fire department and talks about how he wants to do a pyrotechnic routine at his new club.

In this hilarious Prank Call, Roy Wood Jr. pretends to a call a woman from a restaurant.

In this Prank Call, Rickey Smiley calls a woman who has a 22-year-old daughter in college.