Last week on Power, Kanan started planting his seeds of dysfunction, Tasha finally decides to close the book on her troubled marriage, Tony is tightening his grip on Tommy, Angela’s bedroom behavior got her played, and Ghost’s road to being a legit businessman is looking rockier than ever. Those issues get even worse in season […]

Kendrick Lamar is not only a rapper, but ready to add another job to his resume.

Grammy & Pulitzer Award-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar is going to be flexing his acting chops this weekend when joins alongside 50 Cent in the hit Starz series Power. Today (July 25th) Starz announced the Lamar would be making an appearance in “not-to-miss” episode 505 which airs this Sunday (July 29th) at 8PM/ET. Power’s executive producer […]

Angela is stunned when her mysterious new boy toy shuts down her Jimenez bust, John Mak turns up the heat on Proctor, James, and Tommy, and more.

Previously on Power, “Damage Control” was the key, this week everyone is trying to find out if they are on the same team when it comes to their respective parties. Power’s fifth season is still young, but everyone’s ulterior motives are starting to come to light in the hit Starz show. So let’s unpack episode 3— […]

Councilman Tate forces Tasha and James beyond their comfort zones, Tommy got himself, Kanan and Ghost in some deep mess with the Serbs and the Italians, Dre realizes that working with Diego Jimenez has a downside.

“Power” is back and Joseph Sikora aka. Tommy has a lot to say about this season.