Nike really hit it out the park with this one. No word on stock numbers or even where these will be available, but best believe they'll be a tough out and resale will be at least triple the retail price or more depending on how limited these are.

What's worse is that if Nike's move proves to be an immensely profitable one, how long before Adidas, Puma, and yes, Crocs follow suit?

Nike notified Lululemon this past November 3rd of the alleged infringement, but Lululemon dismissed Nike’s claims. Now Nike is taking them to court over the matter.

Sounds like Nike and Vanessa Bryant are not on the same page. The late Kobe Bryant's widow has revealed that a "Mambacita" version of the Nike Kobe 6 Protro that she designed was not approved for release.

Nike along with 25 other companies made a combined $77 billion dollars over a three-year period with Nike accounting for $4.1 bill of the $77.

All submitted applications for the grants will be reviewed by an advisory committee comprised of members from the Jordan Brand and Michael Jordan Family Office teams.

Sneakerheads feel like their suspicions about the SNKRS app and how trash it is were confirmed following the news of a VP connected to the app resigned from Nike.

Nike unveiled their new GO FlyEase release. The shoe is a true gamechanger as it allows you to wear it hands-free as it has a patent-pending bi-stable hinge and midsole tensioner.