Kelly Price got really candid in a recent interview, revealing how back in the day, a music executive bet that Mya’s album would outsell hers not based off talent, but looks.

VH1’s latest show Girl’s Cruise set sail this week on the network. The show, which is basically like Girl’s Trip on a boat sailing across the Caribbean seas features Lil’ Kim as the captain. She is joined by singer Mya, TLC’s Chilli, Wild ‘N Out regulars Pretty Vee and B.Simone plus Tiffany Panhilason and Char […]

Kanye West might take Mariah Carey’s title as a “diva.”

We all know Mya for her great dancing skills and voice, but she can also freestyle.

Mya is a great singer and dancer, but just landed a role in the new show, “5th Ward.”