Melania Trump

President Barack Obama interacted warmly with Melania Trump at former First Lady Barbara Bush’s funeral.

3/27/18- Stormy Daniels interview told the nation a lot about the nature of the relationship between Daniels and Donald Trump. Melania Trump responded saying she’s pouring her focus into raising her son. Like the comedian that he is Huggy suggest that Melania play a twisted game of April Fools on her husband. READ MORE STORIES […]

Over the past several weeks Donald Trump has made headlines after two women came forward and alleged they had an affair with him.

Melania Trump made headlines after stealing portions of Michelle Obama’s speech and slapping away her husband, President Donald Trump’s hand.

Michelle Obama sat down with Ellen DeGeneres, in her first TV interview since leaving the White House to talk about several different topics.

Michelle Obama made another appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' show, and addressed an awkward moment.